A local family owned & operated small-business

From roof repairs to new construction, the Tucson roofing professionals at
Durazo’s Roofing LLC can do it all. We can also handle your
reroofing and gutter cleaning needs. Trust us as we have over 20
years of experience in the industry

Veronica and Jesus Durazo

Veronica and Jesus Durazo have been married for 21 years. Their
dream was to start a small business; so they took Jesus’ previous
experience in roofing, Veronica’s previous experience in office
administration, and they opened Durazo’s Roofing 2 years into
their marriage.

Durazo’s roofing has greatly helped them grow as a marriage, as
individuals, and in their faith. As active Catholics in
the Diocese of Tucson, they thank God every day for blessing them
with the success of their small business.
They are very grateful to the Tucson Community, their family, and
their friends that have helped and contributed to their
family-owned and operated company.

Office Staff

Our office staff handle all the before and after of our roofing jobs. Their positions handle
the administrative work that comes with running a small business. They handle our
company finances and payments, answer calls and emails, schedule our roofing projects
and materials, run our social media, and request feedback from our customers. Our
office is currently fully female-ran. We are so proud to have so many hardworking
woman running our company.

Roofing Crews

We hire skilled and experienced individuals for our crews. We currently have 4 out in
the field with each being made up of a foreman, roofers, and laborers. When working
with the Tohono O’odham Nation and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe we work together with
their Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) Office in order to employee and
give preference to qualified tribal members for the projects.